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26th Marines Association

Latest Chairman's Message

 June 1, 2022 
In case you haven't seen this, it is a powerful tribute to our generation of Vietnam veterans.  Sam Elliott narrates this stirring video!  Click below.
26'ers, We have scheduled 23 and had 22 reunions (2020 was cancelled due to COVID 19):
2002 - Tunica, Mississippi, 
2003 - Tucson, Arizona,
2004 - Washington DC, 
2005 - Chicago, Illinois, 
2006 - Reno, Nevada,
2007 - Atlantic City, NJ,
2008 - Atlanta, Ga.
2009 - San Diego, Ca.
2010 - San Antonio, Tx.
2011 - Springfield, Va.
2012 - Albuquerque, NM
2013 - St. Louis, Mo.
2014 - Charleston, SC.
2015 - Denver, Co.

2016 - Seattle, Wa.

2017 - Las Vegas, Nv.

2018 - Savannah, Ga.

2019 - New Oleans, La.

2020 - San Francisco, Ca. (Cancelled due to COVID 19)

2021 - San Diego, Ca. 

2022 - DC area



We have a good group of leaders serving in various term lengths, collectively called "the Board of Directors".  Each Board Member's name, assignment and contact information is listed at the bottom of this message.  Feel free to contact any of us regarding questions related to the 26th Marines Association or any other matter.

First and foremost, we continue in having a site selected before leaving the current year’s reunion for the following year, as well as selecting the three potential cities for our reunion after that.

At our San Diego, Ca. 2021 Reunion… the cities selected for the 2023 reunion choices, were Chicago, Il., St. Louis, Missouri, and Branson, Missouri.  We selected the DC area for the 2022 reunion.
Our San Diego reunion was fantastic.  We had a hotel on the bay with a fantastic view and each night was a great deal of fun, either from our balcony or walking with the crowds, and of course attending a MCRD Graduation.  The Saturday buffet at our banquet, was the one of the best so far.
If you have access to our website and have an email address, please let Sonny know if you would just like electronic notices, thus opting out of hard mail notices saving the association money.   It is important to make sure Sonny Hollub has your most recent mailing address, email address and phone number.
The fees for this 2021’s reunion are as follows:
Annual Membership Dues $45.00 per year per member.
Registration fee will be $25.00 per member.

Banquet fee will be $50.00 per member. 


Guests will pay a flat fee of $100.00 each, which will allow them use of our discounted room rate, access to our hospitality suite, and their banquet meal... and until we discuss this more at this  years annual reunion, guest at this time does include a members wife, friend, or relatives of any type.


Please see our website www.26thMarine.com, for forms, etc., for submitting payments along with due dates, late fees, etc.  You can now print the form from our website.  On the forms for membership page, click on Click to download formIn addition, feel free to call Sonny at 512-825-4730 or email   sonnyusmc@gmail.com to request a copy.

The issue of existing due dates, fees and penalties are discussed at each year’s Annual Membership meeting.  It continues to be unanimously voted to continue these due dates as well as penalties.  We have not had to “pass the hat” at a reunion since the 2004 DC reunion.  However, the members at the 2013 Annual meeting, voted to forgive all dues in arrears, giving everyone a clean slate to start with in 2014.  That was done.  If any of you who were behind, win the lotto, feel free to make a good donation (friendly incoming) to the association for those forgiven past dues.  In addition, if you are behind, please contact Sonny to work out a deal to get you up to date on your dues.


Do remember our membership dues are the main support for our organization, while banquet and registration fees cover the banquet on Saturday night and the registration covers the hospitality suite and other expenses associated with set up, etc.


I urge you to pay your fees in a timely fashion.  This past year, we had some new members who did not pay before attending and some wanted to pay after the reunion was over.  This cannot be allowed.  We depend on these fees to run and maintain our association.

In addition, as you may recall, we opened the 26th Marines Association about three years ago to all previous and current 26'ers, (Regiment, MEU, etc.) along with family and friends, are invited to join/attend our Annual reunions.  Any supporting units to a 26th Marine unit are allowed to join our association.  Please pass the word to any 26'er you know.  We now have members from all battalions as well as 2 Iwo Jima 26'ers!

If any Marine or Corpsman who did not serve with the 26th Marines, would like to attend as a non member, you can pay a flat fee of $100.00, to attend, which provides you with access to our discounted hotel rate, the hospitality suite and the banquet meal... but cannot attend the Annual Meeting, unless you join our association.  So if you have fellow Marines in the area or anyplace, let them know they can attend our reunion, per the above.

Another word of thanks is extended to Sgt. Grit for donating various items from his catalogue to our association in the past... these items are either sold or auctioned off at each year's reunion, with all proceeds going into our general fund.  Please visit Sgt. Grits's store of "Marine Corps" items at http://www.grunt.com/ .  As the saying goes, if Sgt. Grit doesn't have it... Chesty wouldn't want it. 
By opening the membership to include WWII Vets, we basically offered our services to the "older Marines".  Our effort in adding all other 26'ers (such as the 26th MEU), from previous or current engagements/wars, will expand our future to include the younger generation with the hopes of keeping the 26th Marine Association a healthy and perpetual organization.  Last year, the membership voted to allow any Marine or Corpsman to join our association, regardless of who you served with.
The costs for many phone calls completed by the Board members for conference calls and contacting our members are absorbed by the Board members themselves. 
Please make payment to 26th Marines Association and submit payment to:
26th Marines Association
340 Humphrey Dr.
Buda, Texas 78610
Refer all your acquaintances and potential guest to our website, www.26thMarines.com, for further information as it develops.
Finally, again, if anyone has new contact information, please send it to Sonny Hollub at:
Phone - 512-825-4730.
Email - sonnyusmc@gmail.com
Address - 340 Humphrey Dr., Buda, Texas 78610
As additional information develops, it will be posted on the Association's website www.26thMarines.com under Reunions... so check the website often.  If you do not have a computer, you can always go to any library and find one you can use... or get one of your kids or grandkids to moniter the website for you.

Semper Fi,  

G. H. "Sonny" Hollub, Jr.,

Board Chairman

~ The 26th Marines Association ~ Board of Directors ~
DirectorLarry MccartneyPublic Information Officer419-340-6155lemccartney@lemccartney.com
DirectorRay MailletSecretary/REU Media714-420-0642rayandcrew@msn.com
DirectorTony WhitefeatherWebmaster/Website760-509-5920trae7a@aol.com
DirectorFrank BoothSocial Media770-598-2233booth392720@bellsouth.net
DirectorRichard SotoHistorian310-547-4509e8top@aol.com
DirectorDoug GundermannSgt. of Arms214-773-6329Doug@gta.com
DirectorSonny HollubChairman/Treasurer/REU Coord512-825-4730sonnyusmc@gmail.com
26th Marines Association Mailing Address, 340 Humphrey Dr., Buda, Texas 78610