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 Song - Welcome Home, Long Overdue



Hurricane Harvey's hit on Houston area... 

I have many relatives living from Port Lavaca to Port Aransas, which is where Harvey hit Texas first.  They all suffered some damage and are in the process of making insurance claims and getting things back to normal.

Greg Freeman is one of our members who lives/has properties in the Houston area.  

I have been calling Greg daily, if not more, and will continue to do so.

I have confirmed he has insurance for both, his vehicles and home... for at least one of his properties.  I think he owns a couple more places in the Houston area and some of his kids/Gkids, live in one... while the other lot is empty and he indicates his other places are high and dry.

I talked with Greg again this morning and he asked me to let every one know he is fine and feels fortunate to have less damage than most in the Houston area... and his insurance adjuster is there at this time.
Once again, Greg, having not called some guys who have called him, asked me to email and post that he is OK and again, considers himself lucky, considering what damage he has incurred... and if he needs help... he will let us know.



 Warning... Notice... We are running low on available rooms at our group rate, for the Las Vegas reunion. 

 As of 6-29-17 we have the following number of available rooms at our group rate:

August   9, 2017 -   5 available,

August 10, 2017 -   5 available,

August 11, 2017 - 14 available,

August 12, 2017 - 14 available,

August 13, 2017 -   5 available,

August 14, 2017 -   5 available, 

August 15, 2017 -   5 available. 

Please make your reservations as soon as possible.


Searching for anyone who knew Amber Clare's Dad, Ed Clare.  Following is her message.  .


"Looking for anyone here who might have served with my dad.

He was 2/26 and spent time in Charlie, Echo and Fox Co. (67-68 or maybe 68-69) His name is Ed Clare."


 Send response to sonnyusmc@gmail.com



The website has been updated regarding this years 2017 Reunion in Las Vegas.  We had a few problems with making reservations, but as of this morning, 4-24-17, you should be able to use the Hotel Registration Phone number 800-750-0980 or the web link below to make reservations.

Book your group rate for 26th Marine Association Annual Reunion August 2017


Also see 2017 Reunion General Information on our website www.26thMarines.com 



The 3 cities selected for the 2018 Reunion are Savanah, Georgia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and New York City, NY.  Reports will be made on each city and will be posted here and provided at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  We will select one of these three for our 2018 Reunion.  The first report is made by Board Member Ray Maillet for New York City as follows:
New York City:By Board Member Ray Maillet
1.  Airports:               a.  JFK  John F Kennedy handles mostly international flights.
                                    b.  LGA  LaGuardia handles mostly domestic flights.
                                     c.  EWR  Newark handles both domestic and international flights located in New Jersey.
2.  Hotels:         Most of the hotels that I viewed were priced upwards of $200.   Many to choose from, restaurants and bars within most of the hotels. 
3.  Tours:           1.   Most popular, Metropolitan Museum of art, about $125.
                                    2.   Ground zero tour, 911 memorial, about $110.
                                    3.  Niagara Falls.
                                    4.  DC.
                                    5.  Statue of Liberty tours, 3 to 5 hrs, About $30.
 6.  Other NYC sights - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g60763-Activities-New_York_City_New_York.html
4.  Food:         Everything.
5.  Weather:  As reported by Accu Weather,  average temps for Aug. are 83/68.
Savannah, Georgia: By Board Member Frank Booth


Savannah Offer, Historical Tours, Riverboat Cruises, Museums, Civil War Walking Tour, Dolphin Magic Tour , City Market, River Street, Tybee Beach , Hearse Ghost Tours

Savannah Military Base- Hunter Army Airfield, Us Air Force office

Restaurants In Savannah, Seafood, Chinese, Steakhouse, Mexican restaurant, barbecue, Japanese, Cafe's

The Lady & Sons Restaurant Home of  Paula Deen

Savannah top 5 best hotels with Military Discounts

1. Eliza Thompson house
2. Savannah Marriott Riverfront
3. Double Tree
4. The Thunderbird Inn
5. Hampton Inn
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin:By Board Member McDonald Peoples

Milwaukee Information

The airport in Milwaukee is the General Mitchell International Airport

Link to Mitchell airport: http://www.mitchellairport.com/

Lots of hotel in the downtown area and near airport: Hiltons and Marriotts and others at reasonable prices: http://visitmilwaukee.bookdirect.net/#/lodgings?checkin=20170409&checkout=20170410

Milwaukee borders the 22,300 square miles of Lake Michigan. The lake actually touches 14,200 square miles of Wisconsin. The Milwaukee RiverWalk spans nearly 3 miles along the Milwaukee River, taking you through downtown Milwaukee.


Getting around the Milwaukee area is just as easy as getting to it. Many of the city’s most popular attractions and a wide variety of restaurants are within easy walking distance, with local transportation options abound.



GO Riteway

GO Riteway is one of many transportation services in Milwaukee.

Buses run throughout downtown Milwaukee, including shuttles to summertime lakefront events. For more information on Milwaukee County Transit, please visit ridemcts.com.


Taxi fare from airport to downtown hotels is approximately $25 each way. Convenient, low-cost airport shuttle services are available 24 hours. Find local transportation services.


Uber and Lyft both operate in Milwaukee. Enjoy your first Uber ride free (up to $20) with the code VISITMKE.


Milwaukee’s bike share system makes it easy to travel quickly between the eleven docking stations located at major downtown locations.


During the summer months, visitors can ride on an old fashioned trolley with Milwaukee’s “Hop ‘n Shop, Wine ‘n Dine” route featuring stops at downtown’s major points of interest. View the trolley map (PDF) to find your nearest stop.


For more information on parking in downtown, please visit parkmilwaukee.com.


Coming soon! The Milwaukee streetcar will start construction in late 2015/early 2016 with full operations expected to begin in 2018. This convenient route will connect some of Milwaukee’s most popular neighborhoods and attractions and run directly past the Wisconsin Center.

  Scroll down for past Scuttlebutt entries...
  Scroll down for past Scuttlebutt entries...

  Scroll down for past Scuttlebutt entries...


 Message from Sonny Hollub regarding our Bill Hoffman.  I just confirmed this morning via Thomas M. Quinn & Sons Long Island City, NY, Bill passed away 8-22-16.

26'ers... Many of you knew and may have served with William "Bill" Hoffman in the 26th Marines, in Vietnam.  Bill was on the original ship(s) that transferred the 26th to Nam.

As indicated, I have verified with Thomas M. Quinn & Sons, that it was our Bill who passed away on August 22, 2016.  The 26th Marine Association Annual meeting was August 19, 20 and 21st, 2016... So Bill was with us until the reunion was over, then passed on.

I personally signed the guestbook as follows:

"Condolences to the family of William "Bill" Hoffman.

Bill and I served with the 26th Marines in Vietnam. He was on our board of directors, 26th Marine Association, and served for years as our Public Information Officer.

As a fellow Marine, friend and member, Bill will be sorely missed.  Feel free to contact me.

'til we meet again Big Brother, Semper Fi!!"

This Guest Book has been kept online until 9/23/2017 by Thomas M. Quinn & Sons.  You can sign the guestbook at:


According to their website, I was the first to sign publically (1-24-17).  Please go to the site above and send your condolences to his friends and family... let's make a good showing for our Brother Marine Bill !!


Message from Sonny Hollub - Doc Charlie Klotz called me today and advised he has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. 

His doctor says he has between 3 months and 30 months. 

 Knowing Doc Charlie, he will easily make the 30 month time.  I asked if I could post it on the site and he said yes.  You can look him up on our Roster on our site.  Both numbers are listed there.  It is probably easier to call his cell.


Message from Sonny Hollub... I have eliminated my land line number 512-312-4168.  My only number is my cell number 512-825-4730.  I have attempted to make the change to all pages on the site.  Sorry for not changing this earlier. 


Great poem from a fellow Marine who served with HQ Comp, 26th Marines Radio Relay Plt. 1967!!

The Marine's E-Tool


It let him dig a fighting hole,

To keep him safe and sound,

And when they found a Cong they'd killed,

It put him in the ground.


The sandbags that he filled with it,

Are more than you can count,

The bunker that it helped him build

Was perfect for guard mount.


Then came the night they breached the wire

And tried to lay him low.

It split three heads in hand-to-hand

Each with a single blow.


And now he keeps it in his trunk

In case a need arose

To shovel snow or hide a corpse,

Or should he meet new foes.

--Robert A. Hall--



Major Earle Breeding: Ruidoso says goodbye to decorated Marine... http://www.ruidosonews.com/ruidoso-news/ci_28622687/major-earle-breeding-ruidoso-says-goodbye-decorated-marine

Major Earle Breeding, Jr., United States Marine Corps, retired, died Friday morning, Aug. 7 in Albuquerque at the age of 82 in the Veteran's Administration Hospital. Major Breeding, and wife of 62 years, Patricia, have been Ruidoso residents for more than 17 years.

Born Dec. 17, 1932 in Washington, D.C. to Dr. and Mrs. Earle Breeding, Sr, Earle attended Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Virginia and joined the Marine Corps at 19 years of age.

His military years in the '50's and 60's sent him across the world and far away from those he loved. After serving two tours in Japan and Okinawa, Major (then Captain) Breeding was given the Vietnam command of 200 troops in Company E, Second Battalion, 26th Marines, Third Marine Division. He remembered his first moments in-country before heading to Khe Sanh. After getting squared away, he was taken to Colonel David Lownds who was finishing a briefing of what was expected in the days to come. Lownds stated to Breeding, "We will hold Khe Sanh at all costs, won't we, Captain Breeding?" Breeding replied, "As long as Echo Company is here, Khe Sanh will hold." And for seventy days in the early months of 1968 hold they did, against horrific conditions and all odds.

David Douglas Duncan, WWII Marine veteran and a photojournalist at the time, has preserved these moments in several published books. "War Without Heroes" contains a section devoted to Hill 861 A and Breeding's fighting men.

Breeding's service earned him two Purple Hearts, a Navy Commendation medal with V for Valor, the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and a Silver Star which states, in part, "By his courage, extraordinary initiative, and unflagging devotion to duty at great personal risk, Major Breeding contributed significantly to the accomplishment of his unit's mission and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service."

After Breeding arrived home, he spent time in a military hospital to treat the effects his service in Vietnam had left. Eventually he retired from the military and was recruited personally by J. Edgar Hoover to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation a try, serving for 20 years as a Special Agent. During and subsequent to his time with the Bureau, he also worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Major Breeding and Pat moved back to Pat's home of Roswell to retire, where he worked occasionally as a private investigator and conducted background checks for governmental agencies. Seventeen years ago, they moved to Ruidoso where the Major volunteered his time at Fort Stanton among other pursuits.

In April, 2012, Major Breeding became the focus of Lincoln County, New Mexico Resolution 2011-36 which gave honor to the Major's service for his country. County Commissioner Tom Battin, now Mayor of the Village of Ruidoso, presented the Resolution to Major Breeding in the presence of several of the remaining members of Echo Company at a Ruidoso reunion.

The Major met for coffee regularly with a group friends and fellow retired servicemen for more than ten years at various locations including the Ruidoso Roastery, Zocca Coffee and Sacred Grounds to discuss politics, current events and to share their insights. Discussions were often lively and each left with broader perspectives than when they arrived.

Major Breeding is survived by his wife Patricia of the home, daughter Cheri Breeding and her husband, Harry "Skeet" Winthrop of Kauai, Hawaii, and daughter, Martha Breeding of Los Angeles, California In lieu of flowers and a memorial service, the family asks that interested friends donate to the Humane Society of Lincoln County, a 501(c)(3) at P.O. Box 2832, Ruidoso, NM 88355 (www.hslcnm.org) or phone 575 808-8424. Checks may be addressed to HSLC



Update on Major Earle Breeding...


From: Reyes
Sent: Saturday, August 08, 2015 12:06
To: Lawrence
Subject: Re: Passing of a Beloved Marine
Just spoke with Pat.  She is still in Albuquerque.   She is there with Cherie and her brother.  Earle did not suffer.  He got to the VA and was his usual self flirting with the nurses.  About 20 minutes after arriving a blood clot took him.  It was fast and unexpected by everyone..  She said the VA was great.

He did not want any funeral or any fuss made over him.  The family will take him back to Ruidoso and spread his ashes on the mountain.  I remember him telling me exactly that is what he wanted.

So Sandi and I are not going right now to see Pat.  We will wait until we return from Savannah and check on her at that time.   She may know more of what she will need after all this sinks in.





Just in... From a 26th Marine Association Member, Lawrence McCarthey, regarding one of our long time 26th Marine Association Members, Earle Breeding:

  On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 9:38 AM, Lawrence wrote:

Just got a phone call from Joe 'Cisco' Reyes telling me the Skipper, Major Earle Breeding, passed away last night.  Don't have any other information @ this time.  Cisco and his wife Sandi are on there way out there today and will update us as necessary.  God Bless him.  He is one (1) extraordinary Marine.  May he rest in eternal peace.    ~~ Semper Fidelis!!! . . . Larry McCartney
AS more information develops, it will be posted. 


Just got the notice Mike and Mary Delong's Daughter passed away.  See note below and site for the obituary below that.

FUNERAL SERVICE..........for Lara will be Monday morning , Nov 3rd , at the Methodist church , 415 South Hamilton St. in Marissa Illinois. visitation from 9am -10am and service at 10. The family will then take Lara to Girard Illinois to be laid to rest with family. Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful friends.


Mike and Mary's contact info is as follows:

delong5715@yahoo.lcom, marydelong86@yahoo.com

618-295-2297 or 618-781-7991

402 S. Bess St., Marissa, IL. 62257
On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 7:52 AM, Earl Blount <earlblount5@gmail.com> wrote:

Sonny - Trying to find an old buddy.  Last saw him in Phu Bai the day before the Bn went to Khe Sahn.  He was the Bn Supply Chief - MSgt  Jack Dukas or Doukas - never remembered the spelling.  Just wondering if someone might remember him.  Any info would be appreciated.

Earl Blount
USMC (ret)


On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 6:20 PM, George Crawford <delta126pltsgt@gmail.com> wrote:
Ken Frier is writing a second book about combat in Vietnam.  His first book was a great story.  He is looking for Vietnam Stories to include within his story of conflict in Nam.  The story  takes  place from 66 to 70 about the Delta 1/26 Marines, credit to be given to each writer of the stories.  Anyway Ken says he can work with you guys via long phone line, emails or textThe story with Delta 1/ 26th. Regiment forming at Camp Pendleton Calif, to the decommission of the 26th Regiment back to Camp Pendleton California.  If any or all Delta 1/26 Vietnam Company Marines would like to be contacted please send me a email with all contact information needed for follow up.  The Author will be working directly with each Marine... Looking forward hearing from you Marines.  I'm open to any suggestions.  That I can forward to  Ken Frier.  All stories will be considered.
Top Mallini please forward this to your 190 Group.
George Crawford, 2nd. Platoon Sergeant delta 1/26 67-68
Not as mean, not as lean, still a Marine till Death.
Semper Fi.
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me". Phil 4:13



 At the last years reunion 2013, those present at the 26th Marines Association Annual meeting, voted to forgive all dues in arrears.  This is a one time event and the rule of 2006 continues to apply.  See dues form footnote on the forms page. 


Marie Townes has notified me that Mike Townes, died Thursday January 9, 2014.  He will be buried in Middle, Tennessee at the Veterans Cemetery in Nashville.  Graveside services will be held January 14, 2014 at 2 PM.
According to Marie, Mike had gone in for a routine stint (he had two others) and unexpectedly died on the table during surgery. 
Marie's contact information is:
Cell 731-608-2447       
Home 731-736-2121 
82 University Cove
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

Thanks, Sonny Open-mouth smile

G. H. "Sonny" Hollub, Jr.
512-312-4168 or 512-825-4730
340 Humphrey Dr., Buda, Texas 78610


 Found and submitted by Bill Hoffman under Mail Call in the Leatherneck... search for anyone knowing a 26'er

* Debbie Muellner, P. O. Box 14, Wyoming, MN 55092, dkmuellner@gmail.com

Looking for anyone and would like to communicate with anyone who served with or knew her brother, PFC Gary L. Kunshier, who was KIA in Quang Tri Province, RVN, on October 4, 1968, while serving as a rifleman with 2nd Plt., Golf Company, 2nd Bn., 26th Marines.


Great Article about a group of Marines who joined together in 1968... partially narrated by our own Larry Plager, 2/26, Echo, 2nd. Plt. 1969

Eye On Olympia

The Evergreen State Platoon, 40 years later…


In 1968, 80 young men from Washington state stood in their white shirts and thin black ties in the echoing state Capitol and listened to then-Gov. Dan Evans praise them, the Marine Corps’ new “Evergreen State Platoon.”

By evening, they were on their way to boot camp in California. Many ended up in Vietnam.

On Saturday, 40 years to the day from that hot summer afternoon, about two dozen of the men returned to the Capitol to rekindle old ties and pay their respects to those who never came home.

The men, some with their wives, gathered Saturday afternoon at the state’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where the names of Washington’s war dead are carved into a stone wall. Half a dozen of the names belonged to platoon members.

Here’s a slide show with photos from 1968 and today (some narration completed by our own Larry Palger, 2/26 Echo, 2nd Plt., 1969

Here’s the print story.


Celebration Letter from Executive Director Harvey Lang

February 20, 2012


Ten years!  Yes this year will mark the tenth anniversary of the 26th Marines Association. 

It’s hard to believe that in September of 2001 the Nashville Cat and I met for the first time in over thirty years and began our quest to find everyone.  When we started, I told the Cat we had slim to none chance of doing this, “A snowballs chance in hell” to be exact.

This project started as an attempt to find Echo, Third Platoon, but the further we went the more Marines we found or found us from different companies and different times of service in Nam.  This did not matter to the Cat or I… our feeling was we are all Marines.

After hours and hours of time on the Cat’s computer and my buddy Jimmie McCants computer and enormous telephone bills we had succeeded.  We began talking about the first reunion:  the when, the where, and the hell how… this is going to happen.  We made the decision for our first reunion in Tunica, Mississippi in May 2002, Operation LZ Memphis was underway… the rest is history.

At that reunion in Tunica we as a group voted to establish this Association.  We have had our ups and downs, the first few years we were not well organized.  We had our share of financial problems and at times internal turmoil.  But through all of these problems we remained a unit.

In July of 2005 in Chicago, we made some hard core decisions, became more organized and established some rules of order to become financially stable.

Some say that I am a bit hard core about dues.  But dues and donations are the life blood of any organization.

Since the reunion in 2006 at Reno, Nevada, the Association has grown into an organized unit.

We have a web site that is second to none, our annual meetings are run in a businesslike manner, and we are financially stable.

So, you still think that hell can’t freeze over?  Well then don’t tell it to a Marine, because the next thing you know “That Marine will be in a snowball fight with the devil himself”.

Semper Fi,

Harvey “Lang Fang” Lang


 May 11, 2011 

26’ers - I am sad to report, Lt. Ken Williams died in November 2010.  Ken’s email was bouncing back and his last number was no longer in service.  I did a search and got a new number. 
I called it and Margo’s (Ken’s Wife) voice indicated I had the right place. I left a message and she called me tonight and provided the sad news.  She will send me the date and any details she feels comfortable with and I will forward it as soon as I get it.
I had been in communication with Ken during his struggle to keep his leg after his auto accident a few years back.  Even talked with him in the hospital after he had the leg removed.  Ken was feeling better not having to constantly fight the infection in his leg and was excited about coming to this year’s reunion.
Ken always was thankful to have PBD (Paid by donation) by his name on our dues log, during those tough times.  He would always tell me to pass along thanks to those who donate to help our Brothers when we are down.

Margo is still a bit shook up about the loss.  If you care to contact her and give your condolences, her email is mta1404@yahoo.com and the new phone number is 770-777-0404.

SF Sonny
November 21, 2010 

Harvey Lang called and advised his and the 26 Marines Association long time friend Jimmie McCants (Jimmie and his Wife Sandra have made all but two of our reunions) passed away November 18, 2010 from liver cancer.
Jimmie was very useful with his computer savvy in helping set up our first reunion in Tunica Mississippi, and since has been our “computer” connection with Harvey. 
Although he never served in any of the armed forces Jimmie served our association very well with his help, loyalty and attendance.  He was in good health until about two weeks ago.
He fell and hurt his shoulder and had gone to the doctor.  His feet later swelled excessively and they did a cat scan and found a spot on his liver.  They did a biopsy and it revealed it was cancer on November 15, 2010… he passed away three days later on November 18, 2010. He will be missed by us all.  His Wife Sandra can be reached at 575-542-9847 or mccantsj@hotmail.com .
Jimmies funeral services will be Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 10:00 at the First Baptist Church in Lordsburg, NM… with graveside services following:

Services will be held at: 
First Baptist Church PO Box 128
332 E. 3rd Street, Lordsburg, NM 88045

(575) 542-3783

Local Flower shop: 
The Cottage House313 Main Street
Lordsburg, NM 88045-1910

(575) 542-8880

Jimmie and Sandra’s Mailing Address is:
P. O. Box 155 Lorgsburg, NM 88045

Thanks,  Sonny - 512-825-4730 or sonnyusmc@gmail.com